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- OpenPLi 4.0 from Japhar Team with IPTV (1300+ FREE IPTV Channels)





- OpenPLi 4.0 IPTV (v21) from our Member Japhar, built with ExtePlayer and GStreamer 1.11 (1300+ FTA FREE IPTV Channels)





- VuPlus (Original - Old Release)







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Bonjour la Team.


Je suis a la recherche d 'un bon Backup Open pli pour l 'iptv de Lara.Si possible avec les emus Cccam ,Oscam et Ncam .


Si une âme généreuse souhaite en faire don !


Le pompon serait d 'avoir les epg et picon pour l 'iptv avec...... :champagne_40_anim_gif:


Merci encore la Team



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OPEN PLi 7.1




Le serveur NFS fait maintenant partie de l'image par défaut, avec / media / hdd exporté vers n'importe quel client.



Amélioration depuis la version précédente:




Added UHD testscreen.


  • Add a SystemInfo entry for Enigma Debugmode.
  • Fallback tuner: added the option Customize OpenWebIF settings for fallbacktuner. This is required for the fallback timer feature when retrieving the settings, EPG and streams are 'secured' from an import that has a password.
  • HotKey: Put GMEPG by default on yellow long.
  • Hotkey: Help text added, "Press or select button and then press 'OK' for attach function" when no function is attached to the key selected.
  • Hotkey: Help text added, "Press or select button and then press 'OK' for attach function or edit attached", when a function is already attached.
  • Virtualkeyboard update.




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