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image Taapat based on OpenPLi-5


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Experemental image for spark 7111 sh4 receivers



 bonsoir tlm voila  enfin la sortie de l'image open pli 5  pour   spark 7111 


  pour les fun de cette image   je sais  pas si   faudera faire une mise  a jour depuis  le  demo  ou  faudra faire un  backup  pour  cette superb image  lgere rapide


Buildsystem based on openpli-oe-core, something I taken from oe-alliance.

Recommended only for advanced users!

Latest enigma and other updates are always available in the feed.

Therefore do not forget regularly check the software update (Menu -> Customize -> Software update).

Previous, now not supported on AR-P based image version, you can find in older versions download.


Download: openpli-enigma2-5-spark_20160317.zip

Download for USB: openpli-enigma2-5-spark_20160317.rootfs.tar.gz


Older versions: Download


Discussions: gisclub.tv


Enigma2 changelog: https://github.com/Taapat/enigma2-openpli-fulan


Buildsystem changelog: https://github.com/Taapat/vuplus-fulan-openpli-oe-core

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