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[Japhar] DM800HD : OpenPli 4.0 IPTV by MastaG / Japhar Team with 1200 FREE IPTV Channels and with GS


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OpenPli 4.0 IPTV by MastaG / Japhar Team with 1200 FREE IPTV Channels and with GStreamer (April 15th 2016)






- New gstreamer recipes based on christophecvr's github (small changes for PLi4)

- Upgrade glib2.0 and some other components like gobject-introspection to satisfy the new gstreamer recipes

- gstreamer1.0-libav is built using it's minimal libav with only support for wma (thank you chris)

  It's pre-installed on all receivers except for the ones with only 64MB of flash (dm800/800se/500hd)

- Full ffmpeg 3.0.1 package is in the feeds for use with IPTV Player's exteplayer3 (thx to Taapat for the original bbappend)

  Login with telnet and issue: opkg update && opkg install ffmpeg

- Latest openpli-oe-core changes

- Latest enigma2 changes

- spark: libeplayer3 is pre-installed now (also in the feeds) for movie players with support for this library

  Note: servicemp3 still uses gstreamer

- spark: some OpenPLi enigma2 backports (since Taapat doesn't maintain his enigma2 branch anymore)

  The servicemp3 memleak patch has been applied with some other patches/commits I found useful

- spark: don't force async mode on the dvbaudiosink anymore, it's now the same as all other receivers again

- Add Vu+ Solo 2 Lonrisun V4 (v1 and v2) images + feed


DM800HD+ Japhar : https://mega.nz/#!hBU3xQiR!G6FE1PdpGN85J2ow7ZGkHf0bvKVLMufhENAJkwlo9Tw

DataFileHost DM800HD+ Japhar : https://www.datafilehost.com/d/3325c880

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avant de faire une bêtise,


je voulais savoir si je peux la testé sur ma DM800 HD Original ,


actuellement elle tourne avec OpenPLi_4.0_DM800HD_wIPTV_SSL84-20150830-Fashbackup comme image 


comme il y a longtemps que je n'ai pas suivi l'évolution sur dreambox je suis un peux perdu dans les images original et clone 


merci d'avance de vos réponse


wr426f ;)

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bonsoir satamuse,


merci pour la réponse,


si je remplace mon a8p par une nc3 cela fonctionnera t'il avec cette image ?


ou faut il que je trouve la même image mais pour a8p ? ( si elle existe )


amitiés, aller dit !



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