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DDD-dm800e-OE1.6-v6.0 -ramiMAHER #ssl84b


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DDD-dm800e-OE1.6-v6.0 -ramiMAHER #ssl84b


dqdt.jpg&key=40a99da0d0165fe063c7a77a07db33287add2d4b071284e106ec1b313fc2edf90ua3.png&key=431377dc94568bf0230fdffc1db01e566fc4c30ee405ab31e4212a12a7cb6430Enigma2: by ramiMAHER


revisione img oe1.6 compilata con vecchio enigma2 3.2.1

revision img oe1.6 filled with old enigma2 3.2.1




Enigma2: Release 3.2

Machine: Dreambox dm800se

Date: 20130618

Issuer: Dream Multimedia

Link: http://sources.dreamboxupdate.com/op...dm800se/rel_32

MD5: 8d5f387ba1043947189692a39a337450


Genuine image with the Last CVS


Creatori immagini



Sviluppatore del blue panel



Beta tester






skin default blue_shadow

potete scaricare i picon by mmark dal pannello demonisat


New skin default blue_shadow

You can download picon by mmark panel demonisat


adjustment on the skin

New bootlogo demonisat

New spinners

Fix EventName

Fix CCcam ecm Default



DDD-dm800e-OE1.6-v6.0 -ramiMAHER #ssl84b

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