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Kodi 15.2 Final Isengard


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Kodi w/Optional KUMC Wizard Edition


Change log 12.7.2015: 

-Added new UK TV Now addon and added to TV section.

-Tweaked advancedsettings.xml to reduce buffer underruns.

-Changed extendedinfo script version to higher number to avoid auto updating.

-Updated channel listing for TV section (890).

-Full versions updated repos and addons per 12-7-2015. 


Note: Must have installed 11-16-2015 version or newer in order to use the update only feature. 

Modded USB/SDCARD Wizard uses zip compression (except for xml files) so there is no need to extract first.

The first run of Kodi will require time for all database files and services to boot up and run, this is normal. 


Supported Versions: All Kodi supported devices. 


Update only: KUMC Family Wizard Edition Update 12-7-2015:




Update Only: KUMC Adult Wizard Edition Update 12-7-2015:




Password: ForFriends


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