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[Japhar] DM800HD OpenPLi 4.0 with IPTV, more than 750+ FREE IPTV channels included for Japhar-Ferrar


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Dernière version avec GStreamer 1.6.2


OpenPLi 4.0 with 750+ FREE IPTV Channels for DM800HD/DM800HDse/DM8000HD/DM500HD


- Gstreamer (v1.6.2) has been updated to master git which carries many fixes.

- No more internet connection required during bootup.

- Feeds online for online update of image and future updates/fixes if necessary.

- IPTV List and Jam Panel are now pre-shipped.

- Japhar Addon Manager 5.2 included.

- IPTV List built-in with 750+ IPTV FREE Channels.

- Many dvbmediasink fixes.

- Many stuff I forgot :p


MEGA (Japhar) : 

- DM800HD : https://mega.nz/#!5R1mzQqb!MMfq5idmKJThMqTUacoqUAs1uYMtL4BswWC4eVJXWRM



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