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Kodi 14.2 Helix – The Final Translation


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Backups for Windows and Android (ARM) devices 10-07-2015


Change log 10.07.2015:

-Replaced IPTV Stalker with IPTV Stealth which only takes donations for the adult channels to be unlocked.

-Modified IPTV Stealth to work smoothly in windows (was Android support only).

-Updated favs xml with all IPTV addons plus added individual IPTV Stealth channels (will need to assign channels in TV Guides).

-Updated Robinhood addon which now does not auto update to reduce server load.

-Added lots of new repos and addons (mainly iptv addons).

-All repos and addons updated to date 10.07.2015.




Modded USB/SDCARD Wizard uses zip compression so there is no need to extract first. This method is faster but more importantly, it works.

The first run of Kodi will require time for all database files and services to boot up and run, this is normal.

TV section channels might need to be ran a couple times before the m3u server file kicks in, this is normal..


Supported Versions: Vista-Win10/Android (ARM)


Windows Backup 10-07-2015:



Android ARM Backup 10-07-2015 (no rooting needed):




Password: ForFriends


Big thanx to Cerberus

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