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DDD-dm800-OE1.6-v3.0 -ramiMAHER #ssl84b


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DDD-dm800-OE1.6-v3.0 -ramiMAHER #ssl84b





backdropo.jpg&key=27a9c9beac88dfb2bb9e1753d7cce8dd3fcc188bbd3c17ba922a2391e8ee3141Final version


Enigma2 patched by ramiMAHER






Genuine image with the Last CVS


Creatori immagini




Sviluppatore del blue panel



Beta tester








Aggiustamenti sulla skin

DMM Update alcune fix

DMM Update fixes some

New bootlogo

Fix EventName

Fix CCcam ecm Default





Raccomandiamo di non fare aggiornamento software

possibilmente mettere immagine in flash


Nessuna emu o configurazione a bordo ne per emu ne per cardserver,tutto e' comunque scaricabile online e gestibile dal nuovo Blue Panel Demonisat.


un doveroso grazie agli autori dei vari plugin skin patch etc etc


per ulteriori informazioni foto andate qui



New Blue Panel demonisat

You'll find everything you need

for the operation of the image


We recommend that you do not update software

possible to image in flash


No emus or configuring it on board for it to cardserver emus, and all 'still manageable and can be downloaded online from the new Blue Panel demonisat.


thanks to the authors of the various skin patch plugins etc etc !!



DDD-dm800-OE1.6-v3.0 -ramiMAHER #ssl84b

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