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Kodi 14.2 Helix – Latest Translation


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Kodi 14.2 Helix – The Latest Translation


Change log 09.16.2015:

-Updated modded rapier skin to address bug fixes.

-Added updated artwork downloader script to v13.0.0.

-Added three new repos.

-Podgod repo changed urls but server end has issue with md5 hashes, server will be fixed soon.

-Removed discontinued Zeus addon.

-Removed XBMCBackup addon because it doesnt work like it should.

-Replaced the thumbnail for XBMCBackup with USB/SDCARD Wizard.

-Updated instructions for windows and android devices.

-All repos and addons updated to date 09.16.2015.


Note: USB/SDCARD Wizard uses zip compression so there is no need to extract first. This method is faster but more importantly, it works.

The first run of Kodi will require time for all database files and services to boot up and run, this is normal.

TV section channels might need to be ran a couple times before the m3u server file kicks in, this is normal..


Supported Versions: Vista-Win10/Android


Windows Backup 09-16-2015:



Android Backup 09-16-2015 (no rooting needed):




Password: ForFriends


Adult content is included in addon pack. Feel free to disable any addons you do not want.


Disclaimer: End user is responsible for uninstalling any Repos and Addons that might violate local governmental laws. This is only a collection of working Repos and Addons in the Backup which may or may not violate local governmental laws so it is up to the end user to do the research on their laws in their own country.

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