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Dream Elite 3.0-dm800-010r6-ramiMAHER #ssl84b


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Dream Elite 3.0-dm800-010r6-ramiMAHER #ssl84b



031812220341m0gz41sjy9a7611f6fvbc.jpg&key=6b4ee608f2262901dc307c5ade63f311ac7ead49b51ae73912fc19913bb8e2ebEnigma2 patched by ramiMAHER


- updated translations

- some storage manager optimization

- fixed possible epgcache crash

- fixed teletext subtitle crash

- optimized teletext subtitle render quality

- fixed common interface assignment plugin bug

- fixed teletext subtitle selection screen

- fixed skipping backward from live to timeshift

- added expert option "Rotor is exclusively controlled

by this dreambox" to fix slow zapping times between

rotor and non-rotor lnbs (enabled by default)

- fixed tuner resource leak on signal loss

- fixed displaying of multilingual epg descriptions

- improved transponder search speed (skip transponders without usable services)

- fixed possible crash on enigma2 shutdown

- fixed scrollabel for texts longer than a whole page

- updated default favourite list and astra default services

- fixed possible problem with multiple CIs for the same service/provider/caid


enigma2-defaultservices: update astra 19.2 default services


by ramiMAHER


Dream Elite 3.0-dm800-010r6-ramiMAHER #ssl84b

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