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SIM2-SSL84B-DM800HD-GP3-By Benkurd


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SIM2-SSL84B-DM800HD-GP3-By Benkurd


Enigma2-3.2.4 patched ramiMHAER thanks


Skin Green Mood army Thanks


GP3 Blue panel


image patched for Sim2-dm 800HD by Benkurd








Enigma2: Release 3.2.4

Machine: Dreambox DM800HD

Date: 20121104

Issuer: Dream Multimedia

Link: http://sources.dreamboxupdate.com/op...6/dm800/images

MD5: 7717a6497c8fe0b8f14e8b5bd21e74db






enigma2 (20120706 rel32 -> 20121103 rel32)


- some unicable/diseqc optimizations/fixes

- fixed unicable frequency calculation for currently tuned-in transponder

- fixed a device manager bug which can cause bad read/write performance

- fixed EPG encoding for some transponders

- fixed a radiotext/rass parser bug which caused spinners on radio services

- take care of disabled timers

- fixed teletext subtitle line breaks

- speedup service searching (faster skip of empty/unused transponders)

- MediaPlayer: fix display of playlist entries containing streams without given names, implement PLS title extraction

- fixed not working automatic scan with two NIMs of same type when the first one was disabled





- updated mytube plugin

- updated streamproxy

- updated default service lists




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