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BlackHole-1-7-0-dm800HD-ramiMAHER #ssl84b


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BlackHole-1-7-0-dm800HD-ramiMAHER #ssl84b


only sim2 clone


Working on flash Internal and external




bootlogoe.jpg&key=8f7e9668c9761e16d884fb58fb56e1db5b3946358617da690162c58aaa07d45274908413.jpg&key=7c160d50a7db7c8d2aee78dcd8bf01286e55fa09ae75cff0a1d22d8ffbd8ce5f95026714.jpg&key=02b6c66eaf8891688b489d840d3500ecb8fbd75d4c57786f5a433f6905aa7bc978367751.jpg&key=a4b76068938f5d50bffd5204cf7e6a3d9420db578c0baa06884623d73a480a5628382078.jpg&key=797db0a8fa61de906feee35c1ae1ee0e8e8764a3bc76c148d029cbf09f6d6a3980499991.jpg&key=5d47a3c35f36f36fb685567e49a5cf8e7c9a6702387af5a0c82fff548330c037Been reduced


The size of the image Original


Is 73mg

Is minimized

Size to 52mg


Been corrected emu ccam Has Restart


And reforms of some mistake Previous image


Screen dreambox working


BluePanel : All the characteristics of working


driver: 09.11.2011 original


sim2: ssl84b



CCcam 2.3.0

VTIPanel : ramiMAHER



by ramiMAHER









BlackHole-1-7-0-dm800HD-ramiMAHER #ssl84b




BlackHole-1-7-0-dm800HD-ramiMAHER #ssl84b








Of not working with image On the internal flash


To ssl84b


The solution



Send First image






Secondstage for DM800 Clone Sim 2.01





After transferring the files


Drivers 02/09/2011






After restart

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