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Kodi Ultimate Addon Pack v2.5.7 For Windows Only


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Kodi Ultimate Addon Pack v2.5.7 for Windows Only (Public Release)





fusion, megaiptv, superrepo, taffymc, totalxbmc, upgrades and xfinity.












-Multi language support for script: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Malay, Finnish, and Afrikaans (if unsupported language, defaults to English).

-Includes Chrome portable which is extracted to root of drive ( C:\ ).

-Edited confluence skin to have active thumbnails.

-Enabled Dreamcatcher's feature (record button) on confluence skin only in 14.x (does not work with live streams or Live TV).

-Increased buffer from 256 megs to unlimited to reduce buffer underruns.

-Silent update of repos and addons (no more notifications).

-Includes LiveTV multi listing under Video Addons/Playlist Loader.

-Has Text To Speech which end users can turn on under that addon settings.

-The script backup/restore feature option is included in fresh install, with or without user settings backed up and restored, and upgrade.

-Includes multi color text according to the error.

-Addon Pack works with Kodi 14.0 - 14.2.


Adult content is included in Addon pack. Feel free to disable any Addons you do not want.


Change log v2.5.7_06.19.2015:

-Replaced unofficial repo with supported kodi underground repo (contains pulsar providers).

-Added one more popular pulsar provider addon (total of 11 providers included).

-Refreshed all pulsar provider settings.

-Added one new source.

-Added ChicagoList addon.

-All repos and addons updated to date 06.19.2015.


Supported windows versions: Vista-Win8.x



Password: ForFriends



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