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golden media990


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bonjour quelle mgcccam il faut rentre quelle cccam ( version)  quelle hyperrion merci a tous merci



vas voir ici s.v.p.


Suche Spark Software um die Box via usb zu aktualisieren!









Du kannst auch dieses Paket von mir nehmen: Softwarepaket für den GM990 für die DEB Comunity. Wenn du das installiert hast dann kannst du auch wieder online updaten. Falls du die Plugins die mit installiert werden, nicht benötigst, kannst du sie auch wieder löschen.

Beste Grüsse




ma traduction:


vous pouvez prendre le Paket chez moi.............................................quand vous l'avez installé , vous pouvez à nouveau faire un update " en ligne" si vous avez installé des plugins dont vous n'avez pas besoin , vous pouvez les supprimer.


j'espère que ce sera suffisant , car c'est du vieux et souvent en langue étrangère. 


sinon redemander en signalant le firm que vous avez actuellement.


je ne sais pas si je pourrai donner des liens vers ces sites là ??????????????????????



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Salut ,


Tu mets PKT_GM990_E2_HYPERION_v3_NAND et tu le fais tourner sous oscam

bonjour ramzie


comme je ne connais pas ce démo , j'étais prudent.........


voici le détail





 h t t p://linuxsat-support.com/redirect/?to=http://www.myupload.dk/showfile/1CGDtiIch.rarDownload%20now%3Cbr%20%3Cbr%20/%3E


PKT SVN-2595 HYPERION v3 Image


SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5557


MIPS OpenPLI GIT-11190


Added by PKT:


[ALL SH4] add 6xPOWER = force reboot


[MIPS] add SWAP support (default off)


[arm] add djmount


[ALL] update channel list


[MIPS] start wizard fixes


[ALL] EmuManager fix GS if CAM removed;


[HyperCube] set recording path to /hdd/movie


[MIPS] IMDb visibility added to plugin browser


[LX] set default yellow as Plugin browser


[LX] fix vfd info in movie player


[MIPS] fix restart CCcam with GUI restart


[MIPS] fix Aspect Selection


[MIPS] added Infobar show on EXIT key pressed


[LX] keymap - added aspect ratio switch to PLUGIN key


[LX] fix Audio Selection


[LX] fix a/v video mode


[all] update backup manager translation


[HC * IPBox] BootSetup and Install Manager fixes


[ALL] Emu Manager - fix for to long name of Cam file


[MIPS] fix info play reminding on front panel in Media Player


[ARM] fix EPG saving/loading


[sh4] fix start script file every restart GUI


[MIPS] VideoWizard fix, default setting changes, fix of FPanel channel number displaying


[mips] add support for samba setup manager


[ALL] fix GS if streaming


[gm990] added PORTAL key to keymap


[ALL] Log raport


[mips] fix autorestore if is usb or hdd


[ALL] DLNA added ARM & MIPSEL support


[MIPS] InfoCenter code optimization


[MIPS] added CCCam info to InfoBar;


[MIPS] add dvb-t firmware


[mips] Media Player - better functionality changes


[mips] Media Player color keys functionality


[ALL] ScreenSaver smooth fading


[ALL] EMUmanager add support CCcamd


[mips] + crossepg


[mips] deppstandby plugin fix, dump mem at awaking


[MIPS] VM settings, save epg on standby, reference.dat ...


[mips] timeshift fix & others


[ALL] picons update


[mips] fix infobar/eventview show/hide


[mips] pig resized


[iP9k] add BootPlus


[ADB] add RC_Select plugin for RAW/CUT/XMP remote control select


[ALL] fix transponder info


[ALL] fix aio-grab


[ALL] PKT skins - added channel name in nr zap


[ALL] added: auto switch to standby if restarted in standby mode


[ALL] added picons path selection in skin setup : default, hdd, usb, enigma. So if you do not want to awake your hdd, just choose usb or enigma and enjoy :-D


[GM990,GM7162] improved remote control sensitivity


[ALL] Channel Control - german lang by @data devil


[ALL] PKT SKINS - All rights reserver. Skin is integral part of PKTeam image and is not allowed to modify and use it without permission of the author.


[ALL] added StartUp to standby in DeepStandby plugin


[ALL] added PIG in movie selection ( SilverHD & RedHD skin )


[ALL] MediaPlayer fixes, added external txt/srt file support, other small addons


[7162] AGC fix


[all] fix sleep hard disk - based on data devil solution


[ALL] OC Tool - modified fast boot.


[7162] OC Tool - added 720MHz to fast boot


[ALL] Speed Tool - GUI changes, added Polish translation


[ALL] added to EPG key support for Cool TV Guide


[ALL] fixed stopping countdown for deep standby if awake + other small changes for triplex


[ALL] removed containers usage in bitrate info for smoother operation


[ALL] Deep Standby fix


[99xx] Fan Control fix


[7162] VFD icon fix


[ALL] no swap needed if crossepg not in use


[ALL] added saving EPG data file on standby


[ALL] changed virtual memory management


[ALL] add switching between eplayer/gstreamer BP>Settings>ExtraSetup>MediaFramework (experimental)


[ALL] EMUmanager fix gs when cam is incorrect


[ALL] InfoCenter - added partition filesystem info


[ALL] GS in awaiking from standby fix - getoutput issue.


[ALL] extended cache writeback delay


[ALL] EMUmanager- fix emu counter


[ALL] increased efficiency of swap file


[ALL] added clean up memory function in BP


[ALL] swap usage less aggressive. Pressure on RAM, and if insufficient then swapping.


[ALL] other smaller code changes


[ALL] sync front panel clock display in standby fix


[arm] add autorestore for arm based on sh4


[ALL] fix value OC on sti7100 and sti7109


[iPBOX99X] - added new patches for frontend driver to increase stability


[ALL] many stability fixes no included in changelog


Known Issues:


[ADB] PIG can cause unexpected uboot remove due to error decoder design - as written by Jacek, so we can not guarantee 100% secure


Special THX to TDT, OpenPLI, all sh4 community and all betatesters.


Extra THX goto data devil


FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam




Polish Koders Team

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tu appuis sur le bouton beu de la tlc puis plugins puis plugins browser puis bonton vert dowload plugins puis tu fais ok sur emu et la tu choissis ton sofcam apres tu sors de la .Tu fait 2 pressions sur la touche bleu et la tu actives ton emulateur.Bonne chance
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