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Setting Up LiveTV PVR IPTV Simple Client In XBMC


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How to Setup LiveTV PVR IPTV Simple Client XBMC/Kodi


The LiveTV setting on XBMC is a great way of using your XBMC setup as if if it were a TV. The method we are going to use involves PVR IPTV Simple Client. With this we can configure it to use an m3u playlist for all the channels. Some of the channels are not perfect but there are many very watchable channels.


Link of m3u files you can find on Husham's page



1) Open XBMC

2)Select System > Settings

3)Select Add-ons

4)Select Disabled Add-ons

5)Select PVR IPTV Simple Client

6)Select Enable

7)Select Configure

8) Select M3U Play List URL

9) Paste/Type the m3u link, for example 3d m3u list -CODE: SELECT ALLhttps://sites.google.com/site/iptvblogspot/3d.m3u

10)Select Done - OK

11)Uncheck (TURN OFF) Cache m3u at local storage 

12)Select EPG Settings & XMLTV URL

Paste/Type the link - https://sites.google.com/site/iptvblogspot/guide.xml

13)Select OK. It is important you select OK otherwise the changes you have added won't save.

14) Go back to your home screen - Select System > Settings

15) Select Live TV

16) Select Enabled

17)Restart XBMC


The Live TV link will now be available in your home screen menu. Do not select it straight away - channels need to be indexed. Just give it a minute to do this and then start LiveTV otherwise you will only see a small portion of these in your LiveTV channel list. Watch the top of your screen where you will have a visual indicator showing you the channles/EPG loading. As I say, if you don't wait you won't see all the channels.


18)Select Live TV or anything from the sub menu to see the channels


You need to reboot XBMC. And hopefully the channels will start indexing straight away.

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