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DM800SEV2 Clone Patched Images (Sim2 SSL#88A)


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80563859167210421673_thumb.jpg&key=44caefeb5f10dfffc6b56ceb87ef3f8338b23474019406d817db3d61f782449436727866228189942394_thumb.jpg&key=2c335750ca6f7b307fd5f4fc067047c878bbb0450e71516cda3ae414fc34f79263268526463126312015_thumb.png&key=04810cac9129ee86c9387d7c7c83d6d8826ccc89d0119c8eb0fc9f403156dae915565936852346995325_thumb.png&key=be30f809787c7c7d3ebc87c92b5f68918251483669a2597875426dfb1bd3d50716325768273919744333_thumb.png&key=ce2a2d56256427b31804b808d4a30682f34a8e83b473aa4d788d034daec33e63Date: 2014-06-04 11:35Enigma2: 3.999git20140314-r13.3Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0Machine: Dreambox dm800sev2Genuine image with the Last CVSCreatori immagini°°ANTR@G°°-----------------------Sviluppatore del blue panelasanovich--------------------Beta tester°°ANTR@G°°tonino1956AutoSetting Vhannibal Default-------------------------------------many new updates Enigma2-------------------------------------potete scaricare i picon by mmark dal pannello demonisat----------------------------------------------------------New Memory Info Thanks m43c0New DynDNS Thanks m43c0Aggiunto OpenVPN Thanks m43c0You can download picon by mmark panel demonisatNew bootlogo demonisat---------------------------------------------queste images contengono solo 3 lingueItaliano, inglese,Tedescopotete scaricare la vostra lingua preferita dal pannello demonisatif you want to download other plugins gomenu / pluginManage extensions--------------------------------------------------------------------these images contain only 3 languagesItalian English Deutschyou can download your preferred language from the panel demonisatAdded language Brazilian downloaded from the panel demonisat---===ooo0ooo===---Raccomandiamo di non fare aggiornamento softwarepossibilmente mettere immagine in flashsi ringrazia gli autori dei vari plugin skin patch etc etc------------------------------------------------------------We recommend not to do software updatepossibly to put image in flashwe thank the authors of the various plugins skin patches etc etc----------------------------------New Blue Panel demonisatYou'll find everything you needfor the operation of the imageto download from the panel demonisat put the DHCP automaticallyAbout to more than one satellite is set to expert enable multiple bouquetsmenu, settings, system, customizeset of expertPer poter scaricare dal pannello demonisat dovete mettere il DHCP in Auto !!impostare su esperto é abilitare multiple bouquetmenu,impostazioni,sistema,personalizzareimpostare su espertothanks to the authors of the various skin patch plugins etc etc !!


Demonisat.3.9.dm800sev2 ALTERNATIF TURBOBIT.NET CLICK LINKDemonisat.3.9.dm800sev2 ALTERNATIF CLICK LINK

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