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Not: Google TranslateImitator of the device DM800 Sim Ferrari for internal and external flash- You convert the image to DM800HD DM800se- Patch work for picture display ( Thanks brother Mahmoud Farag )- And bring work enabled CCcam ( Thanks brother Marwan )- You modify the Pelagian SoftcamManager to show the rest of the characteristics of the hidden (but because the server is broken protection )- Modify the knife in terms of presentation folder bacon Albayekonat named picon- Integrating the latest version of the Amendments OpenWebif- A slight adjustment on the panel until the image is selected Alaamohat simply just stand on the emo and pressed the button ok- Repair after the files that belong to ÇáÔíŃäĚ like Magic and other- You making four Aimohat to image attachments- There will be updated with each new image is detectedDownload emuOf attachments after decompressing send the file to tmp / and install Bammeropkg install-force-overwrite / tmp / *. ipkActivation of emuBlue button> Select Emu and press OK buttonChange display panel AlaamohatExit button> settings> TV> Customize TV> Setup of CAMD profile select mode (simply or expertHide alert message new updateExit button> Settings> Software> Settings packages management> check for update = offShow Restart Shell and is Restart enigma2Exit button> settings> system> customize system> setup mode = ExpertThe amendment on the speed of response of the remoteExit button> settings> system> input device> press ok to dreambox remote control (native) and adjustment as you like

ruDREAM.3.0.Ferrari TURBOBIT.NET CLICK LINK (Softcams Here)ruDREAM.3.0.Ferrari CLICK LINK
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