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Backup VU+Solo2 OpenBH 4.3


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  • Updated to OE4.3 core
  • The main packages and utilities have been updated:
  • Added OpenTv EPG
  • EPG Refresh now pre-installed
  • Gstreamer 1.17.1
  • Python 2.7.15
  • Various OE-A Core updates




# MGCamd 1.45c #

# OscamEmu 11540 #

# NCam 10.4 Unofficial #



active softcam keys enigma1969




FTP emu config:



mgcamd directory:usr/keys

ncam-oscamemu directory:etc/tuxbox/config/








DreamOSat Script 9.6

E2iStream (pin code XXX > 0000)

JediMaker Xtream 5.16

TurkVod 10.21

LiveFootBall 7.2

NetSpeed Test

SubsSupport 1.5.6

Softcam Key Updater/MultiCam by Levi45

AddKey 3.0

RaedQuickSignal 5.6

Automatic-FullBackup 6.8


and more....





Green Button-Plugins (2x multiCa


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