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LT10th for DM800se-ramiMAHER#ssl84D


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LT10th for DM800se-ramiMAHER#ssl84D


bootlogo-dm800se-42f75b9.jpg&key=074295b2153327142bd9338a6b55cae9a1ed31b562bf25ac6e45024876becc9bnew Secondstage 84D






enigma2 patched :2013/11/18: by ramiMAHER



LT revision:



LT Update(s):

* Added zap on OK button in LTEPGSearch result

* Fix delete history in LTEPGSearch

* Use config.usage.text_subtitle_presentation=drop-shadow as default instead of black-box type.

* Use eEPGCache.load() in LTExternalEPG to reload fresh EPG data without restart Enigma2.

* Added "Text subtitle presentation" to config in LTSubtitle

* USB serial support should now be included in kernel from start.

* wmv files now supported by dm800se(v2), dm500hd(v2) and dm020hd(v2) (only tested on dm7020hd).

* LT Link Manager now use ltxlinks.cfg for configuration.

* Fixed downloading dependencies with LT Addons.






LT10th for DM800se-ramiMAHER#ssl84D

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