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new Secondstage 84D






enigma2 patched :2013/11/18: by ramiMAHER




PHP Code:


add automount support for ntfs and exfat filesystems (if drivers installed)

needs to reflash the image

kernel-module-ntfs with read-only support is default in the image (not dm800)

if you need read/write support use ntfs-3g for FUSE

image feed updates:

-add ntfs-3g driver with read and write support

-add fuse-exfat a read and write exFAT driver for FUSE

-add ifuse a fuse filesystem to access the contents of an iPhone or iPod Touch

-add sshfs-fuse a filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol using


enigma2-tspanel_2.4-r10 --> enigma2-tspanel_2.4-r11:

- minor fix

enigma2-plugin_3.999+git4757 --> enigma2-plugin_3.999+git4762

enigma2-plugin-extensions-openwebif_git580 --> enigma2-plugin-extensions-opehttp://im32.gulfup.com/GmETG.jpgnwebif_git586




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