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OpenPLi-3.0-beta-dm800 #ssl84d


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OpenPLi-3.0-beta-dm800 #ssl84d


Finaly OpenPLi 3.0 with SIM2 SSL84d and all original 20130607 drivers. No original PLi 3.0 for dm800 does exist, this is made possible by Athoik @OpenPLi forum.

This image also uses the alternative download feed server.




This image is a 100% build image from OpenPLi source, it uses all orignal 20130607 drivers which can run all plugins without patching.

You can use the update function, but if the PLi team switches to a new driver or ssl you may end up with a non functional box (which is an easy fix).

Check the Openpli Oe Core history to be sure. You can find all Enigma2 changes here.



source: 20131101

drivers: 20130607

bootloader: ssl84d

size:42.6 mb



standard bootlogo



No additional plugins installed, use the plugins menu and download with the green button.





hj4c.png&key=38f3fba33d1cf9c31254031a96567bce7a1a06462fd43f9caeabf0203ddf9346Image flashing:

Be sure you have SSL84 on your box, if you get the "INVALID IMAGE (OR OLD VERSION)" error, flash SSL84 first and try again.

If your box is already at SSL84x you can flash the image immediately, the new SSL84d is included in the image !

Internet Explorer (recommended)


Powercycle after flashing






md5 hash: 2e79e0396dccb6d5a0b372276c503e49


ps. pictures are not up to date and taken from a dm800se

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