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Date: 2017-05-01 00:57:00
Image version: 7.1.001

tous les modèles

What is new

- [zgemma] Switch to kernel 4.10.6
- [formuler] Switch kernel 4.10.6
- [Octagon] Update drivers SF128, SF138, SF208, SF228, SF3038 and SF4008
- [ET-7000 Mini] Update drivers
- [Gigablue] Update drivers
- Fixed EPG 7 days
- Fixed MyTube, thanks to yan12125
- Fixed channel list issue, where channels appeared as N/A
- Fixed PanelExtra to solve N/A issue in channel lists
- Improvements at Notifications plugin. Now you can receive notifications in your smartphone.
- Kodi 17.1 for Formuler F1
- MediaCenter improvements :

Added new Kodi style
Added backdrop picture at media list screen.
Now, movie name is the real movie name, not file name (is essential to have movie info downloaded with spzImdb)
Added choice to open on last used folder or always on folder /media.
Fixed hang when entry in MC and try to access to a network mount wich is not available at this moment.

- Improvements at spzImdb. Now you can download a backdrop along with the info and film cover.
- Improvement at Plugin Browser. Now you are able to sort plugins in list.
- Fix aspect ratio on MoviePlayer at Vuplus (until now, movies played with MediaCenter, Dreamplex, KodiLite, etc. were played stretched without black bars) .We need your tests and reports)
- New layout for enigma2 menus.
- Updated italian language, thanks to @hall9000


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*New images openDroid 6.2* kcjfqf.gif SF4008 4K Images

New bootlogo Version 6.2 Tnx OPD-Team

Enigma2 Update

[Harddisk] remove bigalloc as it has sideaffects to free space of hdd with newer kernels
[Gbquad4k] image backup update
update some frontend snr paramater BCM7362 (internal) DVB-S2
update strcmp "Si2168")) // SF4008 T/T2/C and Zgemma TC Models
update frontend caltulation dm520 and dm525
Updade credits of the Italian language
update italian language
update infobar
update socketmmi
update fastscan
Fixed initialized Fastscan channels values
Fixed channel switching MPEG2 a AVC (MPEG4)
Fixed RollerCharLCDLong VariableText
Fixed multistream tuner
fixed epgcache
fixes MainMenu
fixes ServiceMP3
fixes various bugs
fixes KEYIDS UsageConfig
fixes keyids
Fixes dvbci datetime*
RemoteControlType fix H7
added numzappicon
added ChannelSelection iptv
added icons/iptv.png
*Solved so many different bugs

OE-Alliance update

New Branch oe-alliance 4.1
kodi update build for new oe-core
update lighttpd_1.4.43 -> lighttpd_1.4.45
fixed lic sum sshpass
fixed sshpass again
[Opendroid] resize spinner
fixed sum gb7252 platform driver
[sf4008] update drivers - Fix (Remote Tuner record & timeshift) remote stream converter fix. - Minor bug fixes.
[gb7252] update platform drivers next beta check
[gb7252] enable omb for mmc add feature pack emmc
[lighttpd] update config ready for Plex DVR API.
[gigablue] update platform script use /home/root
[gigablue] update gb7252 build only for test not ready
[VU+] add MACHINEFEATURES emmc to vusolo4k, vuultimo4k and vuuno4k to add bzip2 to image
[vuplus] add sshpass-native for download source
[zgemma] h5 add support new s2x tuner
sshpass fix download url
update sshpass 1.06

We thank all opd-Team and betatesters for their work! And we take the opportunity to thank all the oe-alliance group for giving us the opportunity to have fun with all of you with the opendroid image! And finally we can not forget the work done by his friend mmark for his wonderful odreamy fhd skin modified by opd-team by adding several very interesting things to make it more complete.
Thank you arthur again, to become a new member of opendroid and to give you a hand to the development of the new version
Still thanks to all the good tests

















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OpenSpa 7.0.002

What is new
- New Formuler drivers
- New drivers Octagon
- New drivers Edision
- New drivers Mut@nt
- Added MultiStream support
- Remove media-build from vuplus
- Kodi 17.0 Final Vuplus / Wetekplay / OS Mega
- Improvements in GST 1.x
- Improvements plugin series recording
- New mhw2 equivalence editor, with online download option (the one of extra panel) and synchronization with existing file, user input protection option
- Synchronization of the user equivalence file with the last file posted in extra panel when using spanewfirms
- Latest updates info on skin confluence sd main menu
- HbbTv fixed on Octagon SF3038
- Minor fixes

User : root
Pass : openspa


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  • Openplus sf4008 4k

OPENPLUS 2.0 - Pública


Openplus es un firmware para decodificadores de TV (TDT/SAT/CABLE) basado en el software de código abierto Enigma2.

OPENPLUS está basada en código opensource de enigma2 de publicado por OpenAtv y otros autores.
Esta imagen no contiene claves, emuladores u otros sistemas que permitan el visionado sin una subscripción de pago.

Openplus está constituida por un conjunto de software de múltiples autores con licencias variadas que se pueden consultar en cada paquete.
Todo el código generado por el equipo de Open-Plus, se ha licenciado bajo GPL.
Tal como se indica en la licencia este software se entrega sin ninguna garantía.

OPENPLUS 2.0 - Public
Openplus is a firmware from TV decoders (DTT/SAT/CABLE) based on open source software Enigma2.
OPENPLUS is based on open source code enigma2 published by OpenAtv and other authors.
This image does not contain keys, emulators or other systems that allow viewing without a active subscription.

Openplus consists of a set of software from multiple authors with various licenses are available on each package.
All code generated by the team of Open-Plus, is licensed under GPL.
As indicated in the license this software comes with no guarantee.


Enigma2 basado en OpenATV.
Reescrito desde 0.
Diversos cambios para adaptar a OpenPlus.


OpenPanel, basado en Infopanel ATV.
Añadido test ADSL.
Añadido reset Password.
Posibilidad de crear swap, cron, Admin tareas, montajes...


Modificado plugin TunerServer para hacerlo completamente funcional.
Combinación TunerServer+Xupnpd
Añadida y actualizada traducción idioma Español
Modificado skin original por openplusHD
Posibilidad de exportar lista de canales a USB y HDD.

[Listas OpenPlus]

Listas de canales, incluidas en la imagen Astra e Hispasat, plataforma española.

[Picons OpenPlus]

Picon, para Skin OpenPlusHD incluidos en la imagen, (opcional desde, Plugins/descarga plugins/picon) para 19.2, plataforma española. Por @miquelcamps

[Skin MetrixOP]

Skin 1280x720
Añadidas nuevas Screen.
Posibilidad de instalar Skinparts desde su plugin.

[Skin OpenplusHD]

Skin 1920x1080
Rescrito desde 0.
Añadidos principales Plugins.
Autodetecta sintonizadores instalados, implementado por iqas.
Bitrate en Infobar, codigo realizado por iqas.
Configurable desde plugin del skin. (Bitrate, Meteo, texto en movimiento...)

[Plugin Config Skin OpenplusHD]

Posibilidad de configurar, algunas partes del Skin OpenPlusHD.
Algunas de las opciones...Texto en movimiento, Meteo en Infobar, SecondInfobar y Mediaplayer, Info Emu...
Para mayor velocidad de los menus desactivar opciones.

[Open Meteo]

Plugin para ver El tiempo en tu ciudad.
Añadidos dos proveedores del tiempo Yahoo y Foreca.
Configura tu ciudad desde el mismo plugin.
Posibilidad de escoger Proveedor que mostrar en Menú.
Posibilidad de mostrar en Infobar y mas lugares. (configurable desde plugin Skin).

[Movistar iptv]

Servicio Movistar IPTV UDPXY
Comparte tu abono fibra con los demas decos de casa.
Totalmente automatizado.
Configurar ip, puerto.
Envío de listas de canales a los demás decos.
Lista Autoactualizable. Por @SpeedSnnop


Enigma2 based on OpenATV.
Rewritten from 0.
Various changes to adapt to OpenPlus.


OpenPanel, based on Infopanel ATV.
Added ADSL test.
Added reset Password.
Possibility of creating swap, cron, Admin tasks, Mounts ...


TunerServer plugin modified to make it fully functional
Xupnpd combination TunerServer +
Added and updated Spanish language translation
Modified Original skin by openplusHD
Ability to export channel list to USB and HDD.

[Settings OpenPlus]

Lists of channels, included in the image, Astra and Hispasat, Spanish platform.

[Picons OpenPlus]

Picon, included in the image, for 19.2, (optional from Plugins) Spanish platform. by @miquelcamps

[Skin MetrixOP]

Skin 1280x720
Added new Screen.
Possibility of installing Skinparts from your plugin.

[Skin OpenplusHD]

1920x1080 Skin
Rescribed from 0.
Added main plugins.
Autodetect tuners installed, implemented by iqas.
Bitrate in Infobar, code by iqas.
Configurable from skin plugin. (Bitrate, meteo, scrolling text ...)

[Plugin Config Skin OpenplusHD]

Possibility to configure some parts of OpenPlusHD Skin.
Some of the options ... Text in motion, Weather in Infobar, SecondInfobar and Mediaplayer, Info Emu ...
For faster menus turn off options.

[Open Weather]

Plugin to see The weather in your city.
Added two Yahoo and Foreca meteo providers.
Configure your city from the same plugin.
Possibility to choose Provider to display in Menu.
Possibility to show in Infobar and more places. (Configurable from Skin plugin).

[Movistar iptv]

Movistar IPTV UDPXY Service
Share your IPTV Movistar with the rest of the house.
Fully automated.
Configure ip, port.
Sending lists of channels to other decos.
Self-updating list. By @SpeedSnnop

Funciones destacadas:
- Skin OpenplusHD como piel por defecto.
- Skin optativo OpMetrix basado en el skin del mismo nombre.
- OpenPanel (Versión específica para openplus)
- Traducido al español en un 99,9%
- Incluidos los últimos drivers de los fabricantes.
- OPtunerserver, comparte tus canales en red, Smartv, movil, tablet, pc...
- Skinparts para skin OpMetrix.
- Plugin configuración OpenplusHD Skin.
- EPG 7 dias desde el Satélite. (crossEPG)
- En OPenPanel encontrarás, test Velocidad, Reset Pass, Creación Swap, ejecicuón Scripts...
- Auto actualizar imagen y listas de canales. (Sólo listas que vienen con imagen)
- Picóns incluidos en la imagen y autoactualizables.
-Plugin Open Meteo, el tiempo de tu ciudad.
-OpenVPN simple config, configura tu servidor VPN en un solo clic.
-Movistar IPTV Server.

Feature Highlights:
- Skin OpenplusHD as default skin.
- Skin optional OpMetrix based on the skin of the same name.
- OpenPanel (specific version openplus)
- Translated into Spanish by 99.9%
- Including the latest drivers from the manufacturers.
- OPtunerserver, share your network channels, SmarTV, mobile, tablet, pc ...
- Skinparts for skin OpMetrix.
- Plugin configuration OpenplusHD Skin.
- 7 days EPG from the satellite or from our server. (crossEPG)
- In OPenPanel you will find, Test Speed, Reset Pass, Creation Swap, Execution Scripts ...
- Auto update image and channel lists. (Only lists that come with image)
- Picons included in the image and self-updating.
-Plugin OpenWeather, the weather in your city.
-OpenVPN simple config, configure your server VPN in one click.
-Movistar IPTV Server.




Función de los botones:
Rojo= OpenPanel
Rojo_largo= Grabaciones Porgramadas
Verde= Menú de Plugins
2x Verde= descarga plugins
Verde_largo= Resolución
Azul= Menú Inicio Rápido
Azul_largo= Menú Extensiones
Amarillo= Audio
Amarillo_largo= Open Meteo

Function buttons:
Red = OpenPanel
Long_Red = Record Program
Green = Menu Plugin
2x Green = Download Plugins
Long Green = Resolution
Blue = Quick Menu
Long Blue = Extensions Menu
Yellow= Audio
Long_Yellow= OpenWeather

Encontrarás toda la imformación para ponerla en marcha...
OpenPlus wiki manuales
1 Instalación inicial y Primeros pasos
2 EPG movistar+
3 OpenPanel
4 Instalar EMU
5 OPtunerServer
6 Configurar OpenMeteo
7 Skinpanel OpenplusHD
8 Instalar OpenVPN SimpleConfig
9 Configuración Movistar IPTV (udpxy)
10 Instalar Skinparts MetrixHD
11 Crear Backup Completo
12 Configurar Streaming entre receptores

Gracias al equipo de OpenAtv por todo el desarrollo de múltiple código.
Gracias a todos los otros desarrolladores y betatesters de openplus.

Puedes descargar la versión 2.0 pública de — Openplus images
Para reporte de bugs Bugs OpenPlus


You will find all the information to implement it ...
OpenPlus wiki manuals
1 Installation and Getting Started
2 EPG movistar+
3 OpenPanel
5 OPtunerServer
6 Configure OpenWeather
7 Skinpanel OpenplusHD
8 Install OpenVPN SimpleConfig
9 Configure Movistar IPTV (udpxy)
10 Install Skinparts MetrixHD
11 Create Full ackup
12 Streaming between receivers

Thanks to OpenAtv team for the development of multiple code.
Thanks to all the developments and beta testers of openplus.


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k@y Color:

k@y Red: Epg or New!! Weather Plugin : nuovo pannello e nuove icone meteo



k@y Green: PluginBrowser


k@y Yellow: AudioSelection


k@y Blue: Esi Panel v2.0


k@y Blue-Long: Info Plugins

Extra Addons: Sempre Aggiornato


IPK Installer

Cron Manager

Swap Manager

Mount Manager


k@y Color Long :

Red k@y long : Istant Record

Green k@y long : Media Player

Blue k@y long : Info Plugins




Update Settings-Default-OpenESI - 13E TNX © by Morpheus883

Update OpenWebIF Mod OpenESI


And what changed:
Updated Enigma2 for new version OpenESI-5.0

- gstreamer
- glibc 2.2.5
- GCC correzioni di bug
- Aggiornamenti di Stabilità

Weather Plugin: Weather Plugin and can download it directly from the feeds by Green / green on plugin part of Extension and the other on SystemPlugins restart Gui OpenESI ....



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[IMAGE] EGAMI 8.0.3 für Octagon

egami-VU-uno-678x381.jpg[Update] – Update translations
[Update] – Update for EGAMIBoot
[Update] – [dreambox] dreambox-dvb-modules: update hardware drivers for dm900
[Update] – Zgemma update drivers , update tuner firmware
[Update] – Zgemma update drivers h3/5/7 fix dvb-t2 german
[Update] – Update streamserver and StreamingClientsInfo

[New] – Add enigma2 IPTV Clinet Mode
[New] – [NimManager] Add support for KA-SAT (9°E) LNBs
[New] – Possibility of using customized icons from the skin
[New] – Infobar add detection of QtHbbtv
[New] – ALL ZGEMMA serie 7segment enable by skin no more plugin,Fix Lags in IPTV Channel list with EPG
[New] – [Streamserver] add ?duration=xx to the URL so we can force a stream duration (required for Plex DVR API), thanks to Athoik for the help.
[New] – [h7] add bootloader version for multiboot
[New] – Scan: read network id using getTableIdExtension
[New] – Scan: allow filtering network_id from NIT (#926)
[New] – Time & date formats made changeable in Timer / Powertimer Log
[New] – e2reactor: Catch handle some http interruptions


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PKT Hyperion 5.7 svn3655
  • PKT Hyperion SF4008 4K

- OE-Alliance 4.1
- GStreamer 1.13.0
- Python 2.7.13
- actual base
- new packages
- a lot of fixes and updates
- many new stb

Special THX to TDT, Duckbox-Developers, OpenPLI, OE-alliance and all betatesters.

FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam



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OpenDroid 6.4

*New: Gstreamer 1.11.2 -> 1.13.0
*New: Compiler: GCC 6.20 -> 6.30
*New: glibc 2.2.3 - > 2.2.4
*New: Python 2.7.12 -> 2.7.13
*New: Bitbake 1.29 -> 1.32

New version 6.4 more snap and cheerful with new graphical interface! The picture is brighter and faster! some errors and added panels added .. in short! new 6.4 leaves version 6.3, which now with this new release is outdated! good test in general !!!
Thank you to all the betatester who helped build this gem. Without them, they will never be able to get rid of something new! In particular, we thank Erminio for trusting us and joining our staff, adam41259, raffsif, great stein17 for all the graphics and many more!

A list of changes:

New OPD-Blue-Line tnx leather stein17, except for models with lesser types of resources: the entire series of SH1 520/525 dm dm820 dm800se t hat have oDreamy leather tnx mmark
dm800se, dm820, dm520 do regular launch !!!
Added support for SH1 brandname (zgemmass, zgemmas2s, zgemmash2, zgemmash1)
add AtileHD Plugin
Add the update kernel or driver in the softwaremanager
Add lcd800
language to update it
Update your Italian language loans
Update USB Disk Format Wizard
updated update flashOnline imageBackup
update UsbFormat
update cablescan
update ipkg softwaremanager
Update MultiBoot and fix gbquad4k flashonline
updated detection of USB devices DVB controlled ep_84
update overlay caltulation dm520 and dm525
in update
FastScan update
updated VFD_final_scroll_delay
constant display400 gbquad4k
Fixed display220
Fix the clock and Picon GigaBlue UHD Quad 4K
Fix information OPD photos
fix deep vigilance
Fixed scaler video
Fix MSNWeather and displays 800
Fix 4k RCU HDMI-pip in key and GigaBlue key
fixes various errors
And many other new features will be revealed in the new release!






télécharger tous les modèles


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Satvenus Team Full Backup SF Octagon 4008 4K openATV 6.1 by @zvonko67

Bootlogo by Stony727

Satvenus Settings motor 75E-30W



Oscam Emu 11392_
NCam 2.9 Unofficial

active softcam keys powervu enigma1969

FTP emu config:

oscamemu directory: usr/keys
ncam directory: etc/tuxbox/config


SatVenus Panel 6.5.2
Kodi 17.5

IPTVplayer 2017.11.08.02
Free IPTV PandaSat 4.9
MediaPortal 9.1.2
TSmedia 12.1
Tunein Radio 1.0
WorldCam 1.1r0
Live Football 7.1
NetSpeedtest 1.0
Bootlogo Stony727
EPG Import
SubsSupport 1.5.5
and more....

Red Button-SatVenus Panel_KODI
Green Button-Plugins
Yellow Button--Subtitles

Blue Button-Quick Launch Menu


4ATV_2.2_Speedy Mod
Black_Neon 2 by Muaath



User: root
Pasword: root

Download Link:


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Ce qui est nouveau

OpenSpa-CHANGELOG 7.2.006

- [vuplus] Pilotes mis à jour (tous les modèles).
- [Gigablue] Pilotes mis à jour (modèles 4k).
- [Edision] Pilotes mis à jour (OSnino).
- Pilotes [Dinobot4K] mis à jour et ajouter le support KODI.
- Ajout de pilotes media-build pour les périphériques USB DVB avec auto-installation (en phase bêta).
- Correction du rafraîchissement du signal satellite sur l'écran SatFinder
- Correction de fullbackup pour VU + Zero4k.
- Ajouter une note de progression sur les vidéos pour le style des miniatures MediaCenter

     Vidéo non jouée (0% de progression):
     Commencé la vidéo sans obtenir 84% de progrès:
     Vidéo terminée (plus de 84% des progrès):

- Ajouter une entrée Extra Panel dans le menu OpenSPA
- Corriger le bouton info sur les paramètres du positionneur
- Ajouter vQuadMenu sur OpenSPA Plugins downloads





  1. User : root

Pass : openspa de Imágenes%2FOctagon




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OpenDroid Images 6.5
la traduction provient de google

Nouvelle version 6.5 plus accrocheuse et joyeuse avec la nouvelle interface! l'image est plus légère et plus rapide! Plusieurs bugs ont été corrigés et des panneaux ajoutés ... le nouveau 6.5 laisse derrière lui la version 6.4 que maintenant cette nouvelle version est obsolète! bon test à tous !!!
Merci à tous les Betatesters qui ont aidé à construire cette gemme. Sans eux, nous ne serons jamais en mesure de publier quelque chose de nouveau! en particulier nous remercions GioppyGio de nous faire confiance et de rejoindre le staff, Formiano, gimsy, erminio, adam41259, raffsif et le grand stein17 pour tous les graphismes et aussi contribuer à la création du nouveau plugin settings et Picons GioppyGio qui avec cette version sera défaut sur notre image et enfin remercier à nouveau beaucoup d'autres membres du personnel et tous ceux qui soutiennent chaque jour avec leurs contributions pour garder ce projet magique OpenDroid!


Nouvelles mises à jour sur la peau OPD-Blue-Line tnx stein17, sauf dans les modèles avec moins de types de ressources: toute la série de zgemma sh1 / Vu + solo / solose / uno / zéro ayant seulement la peau oDreamy tnx mmark

Ajouter le support à Zgemma h9
ajouter le support à Octagon sf5008
Ajouter OSnino / nino + support
Ajouter le support à Vuzero 4k / Vuuno4kse
Ajouter le support à dinobot4k
Ajout du plugin GioppyGiò settings & picons (remerciements spéciaux à Formiano et Stein17 pour avoir contribué à la création
Ajouter des informations sur la peau
Ajouter une sauvegarde de bouton jaune et flash
ajoutez LCD_COLOR_BITORDER_RGB565 pour gigablue
ajouter des actions de secours
ajouter un film et un format audio
ajouter un format de type
ajouter un modèle
réparer la température du processeur
fixer la fenêtreTitre
réparer LCD220 gbue4k et gbultraue
réparer display400
fifix display800
Répare les fichiers Picons différenciés addonsPanel
Fixer l'heure et l'heure de skin_display
réparer fulloback dinobot et résoudre le problème avec kernel dump
mettre à jour bootlogo par GioppyGio
mise à jour spinner Par GioppyGio
update picon default Par GioppyGio
Mettre à jour GreenPanel
mettre à jour la langue
supprimer le plugin vhannibal autosettings
mettre à jour Harddisk MMC
changer de position commencer spinner
mettre à jour le langage informatique
Mettre à jour la langue polonaise
mise à jour flashOnline mise à jour imageBackup
Résolu divers bugs !!

Et bien d'autres nouvelles que vous découvrirez en utilisant la nouvelle version!







pas disponible pour tous les modèles en ce moment

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New openDroid version 6.6

The image 6.6 is built on the New OE-Alliance 4.2 branch

New version 6.6 is much more complete with the new OPD-Multiboot, we have created a structure enigma2 different from the previous version! the image is lighter and faster! Several bugs have been fixed, and the structure is oriented to always be at the cutting edge of technology! the new 6.6 leaves version 6.5 behind that now with this new version is obsolete! good test to all !!! Thanks all the Betatesters who helped build this gem. Without them we will never be able to publish something new! in particular we thank GioppyGio, Formiano, gimsy, adam41259, raffsif, stein17 and finally we thank many others of the staff and all those who support their contributions every day to keep this project OpenDroid Magic!


New Updates
on the skin OPD-Blue-Line tnx stein17
Changed enigma2 structure
Changed Python 2.7.13
GStreamer 1.15.0 (GIT)
Add NEW (opdboot) Multiboot-OPD
Added possibility to download new OPD bootlogo
Add Model Pic to/usr/share/enigma2
Add LCD_COLOR_BITORDER_RGB565 for gigablue
Add skin info
Add opd panel and blue panel in ParentalControl
Add movie and audio format
Add modelinfo
Add type format
Add HddSetup and fix "Ext4", "Ext3", "Ext2", "NTFS", "exFAT", "Fat32" in OPDpanel
Fix ImportError: No module named
Fix Trash Sort and crash Delete registration file
Fix processor temp
Fix windowTitle
Fix and update Addons Panel differentiated picons folders
Fix and update EPG
Fix skin_display clock
Fix device list
Fix CISetup and videowizard
Fix createSummary
Fix Architeture
Changed and updated some skin png
Update bootlogo by GioppyGio
Update OPDpanel
Update Addons Panel
Update spinner By GioppyGio
Update GioppyGio settings & picons plugin (Special thanks to Formiano and Stein17 for contributing to the creation
Update GreenPanel
Update Harddisk MMC
Update the IT language
flashOnline update imageBackup

Solved Various Bugs!!







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