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VU+OpenViX 5.0

VU+OpenViX 5.0
Custom Build


OpenVIX 5.0 vuplus-images Custom Build


Build Information
OpenVIX V5.0 Build Date 25/02/17
Custom Feeds Inc Softcams & Configs
Kodi 17.0 as standard to install for all supported models
Annoying audio narrator is disabled

These images use custom feeds with softcams, configs for almost all needs & extras included.
The default skin is SkyQ (preview icons & picons to suit available in the feeds)

Anyone can use these but they were built with UK users in mind, after flashing you will see the video configuration wizard which after setting to suit your tv this image is up & running.

The following options have been set as default for a quick start!
(Change as required to suit)
Language: English
OSD Language: English
Tuner A: 28.2E Fixed
Tuner B: Equal to A
Network: DHCP Enabled

Extra items installed with this build
DirtyDonki Full Motor Settings 24.02.2017
VUplus-Images Addon Panel & Image Downloader
EPG Import (Rytec) configured for 28.2E
AutoBouquets Maker (Configured, Just Set Your region)
Annoying Audio narrator is disabled
IPTV Player with hosts configured as per @danny187
SkyQ Skin by Chabs (default)
Slyk1 skin by kiddac
VskinHD by kiddac

Button Changes
R/L = Zap up/Zap down
Green = Plugin Browser
Yellow = IPTV Player

For anyone that prefers the original vix button setup you can revert these via:
Menu >Setup >System > User Interface >Button Setup



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