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OpenPLi-6.0-Release candidate-vusolose-20170706


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OpenPLi-6.0-Release candidate-vusolose-20170706-usb_sam

NEW GST1.12.0



Backup of original image by PLi-team (thanx PLi-team )





whats installed



installed plugins:

-TSmedia 11.7 (updated latest-fix)

-ALbatros 7.1


-crossepg 081 (rytec source updated & working 100%)


-Weather plugin





installed2 cams from feed:

cccam 2.3.0 & mgcamd1.38c



serviceapp working for iptv chs with gstplayer & ext3player ( 5001 & 5002)


livstreamer & lib/python & rtmpdump files for iptv streaming installed

(no need for any additional installation of packages from any plugin just skip it )


-recording & playing options works ok clear.gif&key=1aeb23b267c788f4b2ecc14805a3d7f09696bc64344189d37ffaf07de96a13da

-option set to media/hdd for the 1st usb media inserted




skin installed






notice: image backup done by backupsuit & image was flashed on omb external flash , u can try it on internal & external flash , in case u wana test first u can install it on external omb ( openatv 6.0 preferred on flash)




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